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Top parts from The Tim Ferriss Show with Michael Phelps and Grant Hackett


Tim Ferriss is joined on this weeks episode with the greatest Olympian of all time Michael Phelps and 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Grant Hackett. These are synonymous with high performance and an elite mindset. Phelps and Hackett go in deep on performance, recovery, depression and mental health. This episode was truly insightful and definitely one to listen to.

Here are our top parts from this episode:

Michael Phelps gives you an insight into his elite mentality, he discusses how his training had to be perfect in order to achieve what no one else had achieved before. No wonder he is considered the greatest Olympians ever.

Grant Hackett talks about Michael Phelps’ mindset.

The guys talk about their beastly training regime.

Phelps talks about the importance of recovery especially due to the amount of training he was doing and treating his body like a Ferrari.

Grant Hackett talks about techniques he has used to help him sleep.

Like we saw with Michael Jordan in The Last Dance on Netflix, Michael Phelps taps into criticism to fuel the fire that spurs him onto greatness.

Grant Hackett talks about the strategies he uses to help him stop going over the brink.

Lastly and most poignantly, Michael Phelps talks about his battle with mental health. He talks candidly on the topic and it really shows that regardless of how successful you are, mental health really can affect anyone!

Here is the trailer for Michael Phelps’s documentary on mental health, The Weight of Gold:

Some clips to remind you of how good he actually was:

To see the full episode:


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