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Top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show with Mark Wright


This week’s Harry and Dodge are joined by TOWIE original cast member Mark Wright. Mark is an avid footballer and is frequently seen tearing things up on Soccer Aid, the charity football tournament with a combination of ex-professional players and celebrities. Harry tells us about the nights out he spent with Mark’s grandfather in the East End of London in the 1960s. Mark tells us about his somewhat unusual career from football clubs to nightclubs as well as the origins of TOWIE.

Here are the top parts from this weeks episode:

Mark tells us about his unusual career path, football to nightclub promoting, stock brokering to Soccer Aid.

Mark tells us about the origins of TOWIE and how he hated the show to begin with.

Mark’s ridiculously talented Sunday League team, imagine if you came up against these lot, you would literally have no chance.

Mark is now pursuing his childhood dream as a professional footie career at Crawley Town, you might have seen him make a cameo appearance against Bielsa’s Leeds United in the FA Cup.

For some of Mark’s highlights playing footie:

For the full episode:


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