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Top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show with Rod Stewart


Here are some of the top parts from this week’s The Harry Redknapp Show with Rod Stewart. They talk about some absolutely iconic moments from the “No wonder you are in the f*cking reserves” to the Joe Jordan vs Gattuso fight in the Tottenham AC Milan game.

The top parts from The Harry Redknapp Show:

  1. This first part goes back to one of Harry Redknapp’s most iconic interviewing moments. The “no wonder he is in the f*cking reserves” is famously adored by football fans across the country. This part is as iconic as his Deadline Day out of the car window interviews and that infamous moment when David Bentley poured ice all over him. This part has been viewed by millions all over the world and Harry is almost as well known for this interview as his stint on I’m a Celeb.

2. This second part is from an infamous bust up between the Italian’s version of Roy Keane, generalissimo nutter Genaro Gattuso and one of football’s nice men Joe Jordan. This fight happened on an away day in the San Siro in 2011.

3. Rod Stewart gives a little intro into how he got into music, from being timid at school to the eccentric rockstar he is today.

4. Rod talks about he got Ally McCoist drunk as a skunk and talks about which rockstars are surprisingly good at football and an interesting surgeon for a knee replacement.

To listen to the full podcast:


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