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Top parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast: That Rivalries Episode


Crouch, Stark and Fordyce are back this week talking all things rivalries… Covering all pod business from passing the pod in the House of Commons, Dragon Deborah Meaden in the back pocket and why Crouchie is exceptionally wary of his former teammate.

Here are our top parts:

A shambolic start to the pod Crouchie calls out Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark’s shambolic headphones and the BBC’s lack of attention to the pod in comparison to programmes such as Planet Earth. You don’t see this on Attenborough.

An update on all the latest pod business, including: passing the Pod in the House of Commons, the billboard and Deborah Meaden.

Crouchie talks about a load of players competing for the same position during his career, as well as Pavlyuchenko’s dislike for him. Crouchie is now worried as Pavyluchenko now works for Putin.

Rivalry and then Fernando Torres turned up…

A slightly controversial one here, Crouchie discusses who he thinks is the best out of Fernando Torres, Luis Suarez or Mohammed Salah. This will definitely cause some debate.

The boys talk local derbies, rivalries and Dion Dublin headbutting Robbie Savage.

Managers taking penalties? This just needs to happen. The boys discuss who they think of the current Premier League managers they are backing from the spot.

Some more references in this pod:

Dion Dublin headbutting Robbies Savage

Copa90 look at the biggest rivalries in football

A compilation of Deborah Meaden on Dragons’ Den

For the full episode:


And remember to Pass The Pod.

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