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Top 5 parts from That Peter Crouch Podcast: That Entourage Episode


“Back again” in the immortal words of Troopz… Peter Crouch, Chris Stark and Tom Fordice discuss all the good, the bad and the ugly regarding the entourage that seem to circle around footballers. As soon as you mention Entourage you will be picturing Marky Mark, now this might be quite Hollywood, this week’s episode will no doubt have you in stitches as Crouchie tells all from hiring his mate as a driver and some of the weirdest requests that player liaison officers have had to do to ensure that a footballer is 100% “focused” on football and very much “settled in” as soon as possible.

Here are our top parts form That Entourage Episode:

We aren’t counting this as one of the top parts but this is probably the best intro to any podcast in the history of ever, seriously can you name a better one? MC Neat bringing Garage music to the podcast warning.

The boys set out The Mike Dean Challenge down a few episodes ago, you’ll be glad to know that it has been going extremely well. Maybe too well…

Crouchie discusses in depth, the entourage. That includes family, friends and the hangers on. Crouchie even gave his mate a job as a chauffeur.

Probably one of the weirdest stories you will hear, all I am saying is chauffeur, pigeon and Portsmouth. You can imagine the rest.

Some absolutely ridiculous player liaison officer requests in this part, including Carlos Tevez getting someone to open the post and Steve Bruce breaking up with a players girlfriend.

Dressing up as Christ Stark, Background Boy, Cornerman and the mates entourage.

Speaking of weird pigeon stories, this video of Ashley Young is always an absolute classic:

To listen to the full pod:



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