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Top 5 parts from Hotboxin With Mike Tyson featuring Ryan Garcia


Mike Tyson was joined by Ryan Garcia on this week’s episode which was full of fiery comments and call outs. The YouTube and boxing sensation made sure this was entertaining.

Here are our top 5 parts:

  1. Ryan calls out Gervonta “Tank” Davis and then claims he will knock him out inside of 2 rounds.

2. Mike relives some of the mentality he had in his boxing glory days. He elaborates about punching with bad intentions. This part gives you an insight as to how he made it to be the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

3. Tank Davis calls live into the show, which definitely heats things up after Ryan Garcia called him out earlier in the episode.

4. Mike is asked who he would most like to fight from history and gives probably the most Mike Tyson answer ever, you’ll love this.

5. The most addictive drug in the world?

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