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The 20 Minute VC with Rishi Sunak


This week we listened to one of the biggest investor/podcasters in the world, Harry Stebbings. The 25 year old has recently set up a $140 million fund to invest in early and growth stage startups. In this week’s episode he speaks to the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak. This rare podcast appearance for Rishi was great as it gives the audience an insight into the more human side of the Chancellor.

Here are our top 5 parts from this episode:

  1. We get an insight into Rishi’s first job waiting tables.

2. Rishi discusses about creating a safe place to make innovative decisions.

3. Here we get a glimpse into Rishi’s daily routine and exercise, including his love for Peloton.

4. Rishi Sunak talks about how he was incredibly nervous before his first budget.

5. Rishi Sunak goes through a number of quick fire questions including what his favourite book is.

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To listen to the full episode, please see the link below:

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