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thatpart Product Hunt Launch


thatpart has launched on Product Hunt. Everyone startup and founder out there knows what a daunting feeling setting up a business is. The startup path is turbulent and different, however, one route which a number of startups will definitely go down is the Product Hunt launch. thatpart has now entered the fray. 1000s of companies every year launch on Product Hunt in order to grab the attention of an elusive Hunter or gain enough upvotes to make it onto the daily email newsletter. thatpart have entered this journey and will battle it out with some other incredible startups vying for that attention.

If you want to see our Product Hunt launch, check out the link here and make sure to give us an upvote!


You may ask why and how this idea came about? The idea came from the pure frustration of sending podcasts too friends and saying “listen to that part it is about 37 minutes in”. Naturally, none of your friends listen to it because it is “long” to scroll through to find that exact part. On top of that, there is no Shazam type mechanism to highlight a part of a podcast. And that folks are the origins of thatpart.

There are a number of other reasons why we are interested in this space. Audio is absolutely booming right now. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. We have seen this with the growth of podcasts and also the initial buzz with Clubhouse.

This part dives into some of the issues in audio at the moment which none of the solutions are solving.

Audio also has much better engagement.

We had a little fan boy moment when Chris Messina, the number 1 Hunter on Product Hunt commented. We had reservations if this was an automated response, but after looking into a bit more. Definitely not. If Chris is getting this excited, this hopefully will bode well…

Make sure to spread those parts and spread thatpart far and wide!

More links on Product Hunt and some of the most successful companies to make it see the links below:

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